Roofing Installation & Repair By TruePro Exteriors

Replacing your roof can be very intimidating. Homeowners often times have many questions and concerns, from material and color choices, to pricing and warranty options. TruePro Exteriors understands these concerns. That’s why every TruePro client is assigned a personal service rep that will be available to guide and assist them through the process from beginning to end.


Did you know that individuals can start a company in Maryland with only two years of trade experience? Don’t trust your home to an amateur. TruePro ¬†Exteriors has over 35 years of experience in the home remodeling industry.


TruePro Exteriors has assembled an elite staff of trade experts. Each member is chosen based on proven performance in their prospective fields. We work together as a unit to provide our clients the best service in the industry.


Any service is only as good as the materials installed. At TruePro Exteriors, we don’t cut corners. We install only the most top rated products in the industry, proven through years of testing to outlast and out perform the competition.


Not only do we install high end products that carry the best warranties in the industry, but TruePro Exteriors delivers an unheard of LIFETIME workmanship warranty on all of our installation services. Now that’s something you will only get from TruePro Exteriors!

The TruePro Difference

Protect Your Investment

A properly functioning roof is a requirement for protection against the elements, and to ensure the integrity of your home. TruePro Exteriors can help ensure the integrity of your home by providing top quality maintenance and replacement services. The key to a long lasting roof is using high quality material and adhering to manufactures installation requirements. When you choose TruePro Exteriors, you can rest assure you are getting true professionals providing a quality warranted service that our customers have come to trust and rely on.

No Streak Roofing By TruePro

Dark stains and streaking are very common and can happen to even newly installed roofs. This is caused by a certain type of algae, and it is very difficult to remove and keep off. Furthermore, the algae feeds on your shingles compromising the integrity of your roof. That’s why TruePro Exteriors offers streak-free asphalt shingles, eliminating algae and those unsightly stains for the lifetime of your roof!

How Does Your Roof Compare?

When was the last time you were on your roof? The truth is, your roof is the hardest place to access and inspect on your entire house. Your roof needs to be inspected and maintained just like other areas of your home. TruePro Exteriors has seasoned service technicians and estimators ready to evaluate your roof and  provide a price quote to have it repaired or replaced.

Average Roof Life

No Roof Warranty

Need Roof Repairs