Protection From Stains and Streaking Caused By Algae

Dark stains and streaking are very common and can happen to even newly installed roofs. This is caused by a certain type of algae, and it is very difficult to remove and keep off. Furthermore, the algae feeds on your shingles compromising the integrity of your roof. That’s why TruePro Exteriors offers streak-free asphalt shingles, eliminating algae and those unsightly stains for the lifetime of your roof!

Average Copper Content in Shingle

Copper Fights Black Streaks

Our Shingles Featuring Scotchgard Protector Have:

Copper containing granules with a proprietary 3M porous ceramic coating that allow copper ions to release slowly over time.
A minimum 10% blend of evenly distributed 3M copper granules among standard colored granules.
Third party verification of the 3M copper granule application.
Lifetime limited warranty against black streaks caused by algae.

10% or more copper 3M containing- granules = resistance to the black streaks caused by algae.

The TruePro Difference